Mr Fayyaz Ahamd Mohal (PMS-ex PCS/BS-18) has assumed the charge of the Deputy Commissioner Jhang on 10-02-2021.


Mr Muhammad Tahir Wattoo, Deputy Commissioner Jhang make a surprise visit of RHC, Mukheyana Hospital at mid night for checking the staff...

Tomb of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo at Garh Maharaja
Hazart Sultan Bahoo Was born in 1039 Hijri. His father Bazaid Muhammad was a Mansubdar of the Mughal king of Dehli. For his piousness, wisdom and knowledge of religion, em-peror Shah Jehan awarded the father of Sultan Bahu with Kergan village, besides 15000 Bighas of land. Hazart Sultan Bahu belonged to the Awan tribe and traces his relationship with Hazrat Ali through 31 Generations. He was a great scholar and the greatest mystic Sufi Poet. He was a prolific writer and is said to have written as many as 140 books in Islamic Philosophy, Sufism and other related subject.